Estonian Association of Journalists

Estonian Association of Journalists (Eesti Ajakirjanike Liit, EAL) unites professional journalist and media workers. EAL aims to uphold, develop and value Estonian journalistic culture and advance the creative possibilities of its members. In its actions the association follows the principles of defending and representing the economic, social, job-related and professional rights and interests of the members.

Seven reasons for a journalist to join:

• solidarity with other journalists

• influencing, how journalists are represented in the law-making process both in Estonia and abroad

• possibility to get legal advice

• extra information in professional field

• opportunity to form a trade union department in their workplace and defend their interests unitedly

• opportunity to participate in international professional cooperation

• to be issued globally recognised EAL press card and members also apply for the International Press Card (IFJ card) for additional fee.

EAL politically unaffiliated artistic and professional association with trade union rights. It is also a full member in International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and Estonian Trade Union Confederation (EAKL).

Association’s everyday actions are run by the office and the board. The highest body of the EAL is annual convention.

How to become a member

• Get acquainted with the charter (available in Estonian only) and code of ethics

• Find 2 referees from the current membership, who will present their recommendation to the board in free form to e-mail eal[at]

• Fill and send to eal[at] application avaldus.

If the board sees need, the candidate will be asked to come for an interview with the board-members. The acceptance is decided by the board according to the charter. The membership comes in force after first fee payment.

Membership fees:

• annual fee for a working-age member - 70 euros

• or trade union fee 0,7 % of income (only applicable to trade union branch members)

• annual fee for a retired member - 45 euros

• honorary members of EAL are exempt for annual fee

The press card is issued only to the member who has payed the fee in due time. The card is issued from the EAL office (see contact data). EAL press card has the member’s photo (3x4), signature, validity date and EAL impress.

Estonian Association of Journalists

Postal address: Gonsiori 27, Tallinn 15029 , room 2510

Office hours E and N 13.00-18.00

Phone:+372 646 3699 / mobile:+372 5333 9699

e-mail: eal[at]

Reg nr: 80040692

Bank account: EE741010052031982009, SEB pank


Bank address: AS SEB Pank, Tornimäe 2, Tallinn 15010